Thursday, 4 October 2012

Rock Band Blitz: Review - PS3 (PSN) - The Gamers Hub

'Blitz hits the fan'

Since the now infamous plastic instrument tsunami of 2008, there have been a few years of peace and quiet on the toys-for-big-boys front. Like many of the great bands (and shit ones) a temporary hiatus doesn’t necessarily mean that a successful comeback can’t be made. Usually when it happens, the individuals in question don’t look quite the same as you remember them. More often than not, at least one of the group has got a bit fat, and the ratio of fake tan, hair plugs and highlights per capita has increased. And so, if 2012 is the year that strum-em-ups make their comeback – and not quite as we might remember them – then it couldn’t be more fitting that the proposed reinvention of the genre comes courtesy of Harmonix – the original conceivers of the landscape-changing Guitar Hero – and their new-born baby Rock Band Blitz.

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