Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Joe Danger: Review - The Gamers Hub

There’s a warm familiarity to the to-and-fro of negotiating Joe Danger Touch’s mesh of mischievous architecture. Each duck and jump is as true to the franchise as Joe’s protruding jaw and elephantine schnoz – there’s the usual glut of collectibles to gather, devilish tracks to conquer and stumbles to be endured, but in transferring these pleasantries to a new iOS audience, Hello Games have moulded their critically-acclaimed baby to accommodate the subtleties that the change of format commands.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Spellwood: Review - The Gamers Hub

Spellwood knows what it is. Laying down letters of varying values, on an equal sided board to gain higher scores than your opponent isn’t anything new. In fact, the height of developer Three Rings’ ambition plateaus with the inclusion of cutesy, wand-throttling fauna to place the pieces. It’s a well-established format, then, and not a terribly exciting one. But it’s in its execution that Spellwood finds its place.

Spellwood Don Manchego

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