Mechagamer Scoring

So what do these numbers at the end of each review actually mean?

Scoring works around a 0.2, 0.5, 0.8 system. This means a score can be either a whole number, or one with one of these increments attached. To summarise...

1. Unplayable. Literally unplayable.

2. Bad. Not far North of the above.

3. Very poor. Dominated by areas needing drastic improvement.

4. Poor. Serious flaws pertaining to gameplay, graphical fidelity or otherwise.

5. Below average. Contains no discernable, positive facets worthy of note.

6. Average. Contains some solid qualities but may lack in other areas.

7. Good. Lots of good features but held back by some flaws.

8. Very good. Comparable to many of the best games of its kind.

9. Fantastic. Highly recommended and a stand-out in its division.

10. Not perfect, but pretty close. An absolute must-play within its genre.

Each additional increment indicates that the game is slightly better, slightly worse than, or immediately in between the whole scores and their definitions.

This scoring applies only to self-published work. Any reviews for other websites are scored according to their own scoring criteria.

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