Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Game of Dwarves: Review - The Gamers Hub

Not unlike its bumbling gaggle of impossibly rotund sprites, it’s hard to pin A Game of Dwarves down. Watching your autonomous hive bulge and swell is often a joy, but tackling its literal and figurative layers can oftentimes be both a pleasure and a chore.

A game of Dwarves concept art dwarf

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Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All - Review - The Gamers Hub

Have you ever seen Ghostbusters 2? You have? Great! You haven’t? Well, basically, they’re just done beating up Marshmallow Man and then there’s all this pink ooze just bubbling under the surface of New York City – and it’s really bad – and everyone is getting all pissed off all the time and it makes them want to kill each other. Hold that thought.

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Hungry Giraffe (PSM): Review - The Gamers Hub

Did you know that giraffe sick is multi-coloured? Neither did I. In the gluttonous world of Laughing Jackal’s Hungry Giraffe there are plenty of quirky foibles – luminous chunder included. There’s anvils, dumbbells, vomit-inducing elixirs, hardhats, psychedelic experimental drugs, and food – lots and lots of food.

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Tritton Kunai Headset: Review - The Gamers Hub

In ancient Japan, the kunai was originally conceived as a common farming tool. Over time, it became synonymous with the Ninja, who developed it to be used as a multi-functional martial arts weapon for both inflicting injury and scaling walls – presumably as a prerequisite for inflicting further injury. A highly stylised symbol of Japanese culture – reflected in everything from museums to Manga – the kunai is evocative of ingenuity, functionality and adaptability. That’s a reasonably tall order for the new TRITTON Kunai headset to stand up to, then.

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